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Ideal for your garage door or any other mail slot!

Our Mailbag can be easily installed within minutes onto any type of surface, without the need for extensive tools or labor.

Please specify "wood" or "other" when ordering.

The Mailbag is made of a durable fabric with a moveable metal rod that inserts into the top of the bag and attaches with brackets. The lightweight patented design was made especially for garage doors as the bag will automatically adjust to any position of the garage door (open or closed) to ensure all mail and packages remain inside.

Our Mailbag is also perfect for any other mail slot where there is a need to catch your mail and keep it safe.

Dimensions of the bag are 14" x 13" x8".

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Wood Garage Door Mounted Mailbag
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Please select "wood" or "other" from the
Surface Material list when ordering.



Non-Wood Mounted Mailbag
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